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  • Renault Clio Posted on 20 July 2013

    13/05/2013 Problem resolved, initially we carried out a diagnostic check on the vehicle using the same equipemnt as main dealer. With diagnostics, auto electrics and mechanics you need to understand what all the components do, even with the main dealer equipment its not an easy process, training and expertise plays a very important part. It was costly for the customer £495 even I felt that blow, however the customer was satisfied to have his car back on the road, 2006 model should easily give him another 7 or more years happy motoring, as we had fitted upgraded parts to prevent the same fault occuring so on the pretense great value.

    Equipment like this in the wrong hands can do more harm than good, currently 60% of our work is attending jobs, by so cold Diagnostic and auto electricians or thats what they call themselves. Even in the hand of experts, 10% of my work comes from mis diagnosed...AA, RAC, Greenflag and Main Dealers. Nobodys perfect and We are not bosting either just highlighting the facts that to many people out there claim to know, hiding behind there diagnostic machine.

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